REKZE Laboratories’ Products for Hair Treatment

REKZE Laboratories has products that will help you for your hair treatment. The advanced treatment for hair care stimulating line is formulated to address both women and men without having side effects. There are 4 kinds of product for your treatment care; serum, wipes, conditioner, and shampoo.

The hair loss and hair growth simulating serum incorporates for only the active ingredients proven the most effective and it also establishes highest possible efficacy in the complex biology of the scalp. This serum combines beneficial molecules that affect four factors of hair-growth cycle: peripheral nervous system, epithelial cells, immune system, and vascular system. This treatment serum includes the top level ingredients by using “chemical free” extraction process for preserving maximum efficacy of its final components.

Anti-hair loss and hair growth stimulating wipes use he advanced technology to promote healthier and thicker using skincare methods for your health scalp. The wipes formula combines over 28 ingredients to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth. It does not only contain the most effective ingredients of hair growth but also compounds that can help to condition and sooth the hair scalp and follicles. The function of the ingredients is as dermal conditioner.

REKZE Laboratories anti-hair loss and hair growth stimulating conditioner formula maintains delicate hair follicles of scalp in the healthier possible state for the maintenance and production of the optimal hair at every stage of life. The unique ingredient combination of this conditioner contains the only Patented and Certified Organic Lycopene in exclusive worldwide.

The shampoo product includes the top level ingredients in a high concentration that is chosen exclusively. The caffeine compound in this shampoo is the perfect ingredients to help your hair growth and the lycopene obtained by the extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide from the organic certified red-ripe tomatoes and also it is contained with some antioxidant power.